Hi-Vis: short for High Visibility. Pronunciation:  /ˌhaɪ ˈvɪz/

Hi-Vis Day: A call for all residents of the GTA to wear bright or reflective clothing on November 4, 2019 to promote safety awareness of vulnerable road users; pedestrians, cyclists, and road work crews, during the period they are most at risk of vehicular injury, the darkest days of the year following daylight savings ending in early November.



The number of pedestrians killed after being struck by a vehicle on the streets of the GTA is at an all time high, with 41 deaths in 2018. We are approaching the most dangerous time of the year for vulnerable road users; when the clocks are turned back one hour on November 4th and daylight saving time ends. Of the 30 worst dates for pedestrians in an average year, 16 are in late November and the first few days of December, according to statistics.


So what can we do about it?

As a company that designs high visibility work wear, safety is our top priority. We are using our knowledge of the power of high visibility to call attention to pedestrian safety in the GTA. Our aim is to encourage pedestrians to be conscious of what they are wearing while out on the streets during these months of darkness. It is our belief that increasing visibility through the use of bright/fluorescent and/or reflective apparel will have a positive impact on the safety of everyone, particularly during the darkest days of the year from November through January.


The mission of Hi-Vis Day is to reduce the number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured by vehicles on the streets of the GTA.

Beginning October 8, we have been promoting the awareness and use of Hi-Vis through a series of educational campaigns and giveways/donations of our pedestrian safety pack at the most dangerous intersections in the GTA.


On November 4th 2019, the official Hi-Vis Day, Forcefield staff members fully decked out in Hi-Vis apparel will be downtown at the intersections listed to give away as many pedestrian safety packs as we can.

  • Yonge and Dundas

  • Queen and University,

  • Union Station

  • Queen and Spadina   

We truly believe that taking the extra step of increasing your visibility by wearing bright or fluorescent colors and/or reflective bands, and using hi-vis accessories such as hats, gloves and wearable lights will lead to safer roads and fewer injuries for everyone.


Let’s focus the collective attention on what needs to be done by the city and it's people to attain a reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured by a vehicle. As an organization, we strongly believe this is a fantastic way to support Mayor Tory and Vision Zero 2.0.


Hope to see you on Nov 4! If you’re in Hi-Vis, you’ll be impossible to miss.


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